Energy Digitalization Laboratory at The University of Hong Kong (EDL@HKU) focuses on the digitalization of power and energy systems with an emphasis on the distribution and consumer side, including data analytics, data privacy, cyber-physical-social systems, Internet-of-things, etc. The overall goal is to make the distribution systems more adaptive to accommodate the high penetration of renewable energy towards a decarbonized future.

Current PhD Students

  1. Miss. Mingyu Huang - Virtual power plant

  2. Mr. Dalin Qin - Privacy-preserving data analytics

  3. Mr. Chenxi Wang - Energy forecasting

  4. Mr. Yixiong Jia - Cyber-physical systems

  5. Mr. Xueyuan Cui - Data analytics in power systems

  6. Mr. Zhixian Wang - Privacy-preserving data analytics

Current PostDocs & Research Assistant

  1. Dr. Guangchun Ruan - Data analytics in power systems

  2. Mr. Gonghao Zhang - Digital twin in power systems

Former PhD Students and PostDocs